Our new exhibition ‘From Bobby to Tommy’ has been put together to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, and celebrate the support and achievements of the Special Constables who took the place of the Police Officers called to war. It will detail who the Specials were and the vital roles they undertook as well as following some of the Officers who were called away to fight.

To coincide with our new WW1 exhibition, GMP Museum is proud to offer a ‘Special’ tour for visiting schools this year. Classes will have the opportunity to ‘be enrolled as a Special’ which will involve being issued with a trilby, badge and arm band and taking part in a short drill before starting the normal tour around the museum. If classes complete their training successfully they will be issued with a ‘warrant card’ to take home.

Classes will learn:

  • Who the specials were.
  • Why they were vital to the war effort.

Classes will take away:

  • A Special Constable sticker badge, based on original badge.
  • A warrant card, based on original warrant card.

To book a visit please contact the museum – police.museum@gmp.police.uk/ 0161 856 4500