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The Museum was founded in 1981. Funded by Greater Manchester Police, it not only collects and preserves archive material and objects relating to the history of policing in the Greater Manchester area, but acts as an important resource for community engagement, where visitors can talk to staff and volunteers about policing.
GMP Museum holds primary and secondary source information about the history and development Greater Manchester policing. Our archive holdings are a mix of records – both official and personal.

Our holdings fall into four main categories:-

  • Personnel service records for police officers, including personal memorabilia
  • Manuals and handbooks relating to police work and administrative records
  • Records relating to the governing bodies of police forces prior to 1974
  • Registers of Aliens residing in Salford from 1914 to 1969

What we don’t have – We do not hold court records, records from the prison service or personnel records for police officers serving outside the Greater Manchester area.

How to get access to the archive – Use of the archive is by appointment only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (during term-time) and Fridays.

Enquiries must be made by completing the relevant enquiry form and emailing or posting it to us. We aim to get back to enquiries with an initial response within a fortnight, however this is dependent on our volunteer archive team.


  • Alien Register research – free initial search to confirm if we have the correct person, £15 for digital copy of entry.
  • Constable research – free initial search to confirm if we have the correct person, £15 for additional information including scans of relevant documents. Please note we can only search for persons known to be deceased due to data protection.
  • Image fee, price per image – £0 for educational use (proof must be shown), £15 for personal use (e.g. family history), £15 for commercial use + additional fee depending on use (contact us for details). Supplied as high quality digital download.

Payment can be made by cash, card or cheque (payable to Greater Manchester Police Museum)